Princess Doe Website Change Log
The change log has been created to provide information on changes made to the website.

2/2/2008 - Cleaned up several content areas throughout the site. The possible matches page
has been frozen for the time being. A database of possible matches has been created and
that will be used to generate the possible matches page in the future. There are 80 PM's with
over 30 attributes and managing them in a spreadsheet has become too much manual work.
A new scoring system has also been setup. The new system will have a perfect score of 20
and will take distance into account.

2/4/2008 - Added a new link on the possible matches page that will allow matches to be
viewd on a Yahoo Map. All matches that have not been ruled out are represented.

3/2/2008 - General content update for March. First version of the new possible matches list
has been included. There are some issues with this list but it's a solid first shot using new
computer based formulas. Also note, Brenda Crowley has been ruled out.

3/27/2008 - Fixed several spelling and grammar errors.

4/1/2008 - Monthly update

5/4/2008 - Monthly update for May. Fixed minor spelling errors.

5/8/2008 - Added reference to WNJ Book and updated links to include a site for the Tiger
Lady Case.

6/3/2008 - June Monthly update. Also updated site javascript.

7/7/2008 - July monthly update.

7/15/2008 - Update the site for the 26 anniv.

7/22/2008 - Removed the 26th anniversary notice. Added a link to the Tiger Lady case on
the FAQ Page.

08/02/2008 - August monthly update.

08/13/2008 - Added clothes and jewelry pictures to the main page.

08/14/2008 - Added case details - race, ethnicity and NAMUS case number and link.

08/27/2008 - Cleaned up the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

09/01/2008 - September Update

09/09/2008 - Updated the possible match list. Fixed several issues that were causing
problems with certain web browsers. There will be another update coming soon once the
scoring issues are fixed.

9/12/2008 - Added information about PD being entered in CODIS.

10/12/2008 - October Update. No major changes

11/12/2008 - November Update. Cleaned up some of the FAQ questions and answers. Fixed
map page display issues.

12/1/2008 - December update. Fixed Namus case number.

12/29/2008 - Added flash movie to the main page.

01/05/2009 - Monthly update.

02/08/2009 - Monthly update and fixed a few technical problems with FAQ page.

02/16/2009 - Added a few new items to the timeline page. Added the YouTube link on the
Home Page.

3/10/2009 - March update. Also updated the theories page.

4/02/2009 - April general site update. Fixed two graphics that were not displaying in IE

05/03/2009 - May update. No major changes.

05/20/2009 - Software upgrade and content changes

06/03/2009 - June monthly update. Fixed software problems. Started working on FaceBook

7/9/2009 - July content update and anniversary.

8/8/2009 - August update and updated FAQ.

9/8/2009 - September content update. Added twitter information.

11/1/2009 - Content update. Fixed javascript problem

11/10/2009 - Replaced satellite map with a more detailed image.

12/2/2009 - Fixed Namus link, updated possible matches header.

7/14/2010 - General content update. Fixed problem with database links.

9/8/2010 - Cleaned up content on theory page. Removed anniversary information.

1/17/2011 - Resolved several technical issues on the server side.

7/10/2012 - Updates for the memorial service

7/16/2012 - Post memorial updates. Initial version.

7/17/2012 - Added CNN links and other links. Added pictures from the memorial.

7/19/2012 - Added 2nd NCMEC composite to home page.

9/23/2012 - New CNN video link

1/9/2013 - Changed front page content

6/28/2017 - Added memorial content