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Frequent Questions About
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Q1: Has Princess Doe ever been identified?
A1: As of June 2017, the body still remains unidentified and rests in a grave near
the area of the Cedar Ridge Cemetery where she was found.

Q2: Is it possible that Princess Doe is actually Diane Dye?
A2: No, although this theory received a lot of media attention and support, Diane
Dye was ruled out using conclusive DNA testing. Please see the Possible Matches
page for a list of additional people that have been ruled out as matches with
Princess Doe.

Q3: Was Princess Doe sexually assaulted?
A3: Due to the decomposition of the body, this could not be determined.

Q4: Is it possible that a serial killer was involved?
A4: This has not been ruled out completely but currently there is no credible link
to a serial killer during that time period. Again, this has not been ruled out.

Q5: Has (fill in the name) been ruled out as a possible match?
A5: We are currently working on a Possible Matches list of people that have been
ruled out using DNA or Dental records. Please note; this is a work in progress and
will continue to be updated on a regular basis so check back frequently.

Q6: Has anybody ever been arrested for this crime?
A6: No, there has never been an arrest related to this crime.

Q7: Who is currently handling this investigation? Is it active?
A7: The Warren County Prosecutor's Office is currently handling this case. Yes,
the case is active and being investigated and pursued.

Q8: Was this case ever featured on television?
A8: HBO ran a special on the case in 1983 and there are currently ongoing efforts
underway to get the case back on TV in the near future. This effort includes
FOX's America's Most Wanted. We will post additional details as they become
available. We were recently able to obtain a copy of the HBO special that aired
circa 1983. The video has been uploaded to YouTube.

Q9: Is there a connection with Ocean City, Maryland?
A9: At this time the connection with Ocean City, Maryland is not believed to be

Q10: What is the purpose of this web site?
A10: While researching this case it became apparent that a lot of the articles and
resources available were misleading and contained conjecture based on theories
at the time when they were published. This site is designed with factual
information that is current and will be kept up-to-date on a regular basis (several
times per year.) Also, there was no public, centrally published possible match list.
By creating this list we hope to reduce double work as much as possible.

Q11: What can you tell me about the area where Princess Doe was found?
A11: Blairstown is a small, relatively rural community (for New Jersey.) The
population in 1982 was less than 5,000 and it was largely a farming area at the
time. However, the construction of Interstate Route 80 had begun to bring about
population growth. The location where the body of Princess Doe was discovered is
right off of State Route 94 and within seven miles of Interstate Route 80. See the
maps link to get a better idea of the location. The website for the town itself is The Cedar Ridge Cemetery is one of the larger and
better known cemeteries in the area.

Q12: I believe that (fill in the name) is a possible match and should be
added to the list.
A12: Please e-mail the information to and we will look into
adding this information to the list of possible matches. Most valid matches are
added within 72 hours. Please note that the matching process is an on-going
effort and does take considerable time.

Q13: Was a book written or movie produced about this case?
A13: A novel was written by Deidre S. Laiken entitled "Death Among Strangers."
Please note, this is a work of
fiction! It is based loosely on the case and does
provide an accurate general description of the area at the time. The ISBN number
is 0380705214 and the book is out of print but easily found on the Internet. No
movie was ever created about the case although rumors of screen plays have
popped up from time to time. We do have an extensive archive of newspaper
articles relating to the case since 1982. If you require access please e-mail the
web site administrator. There was also an article dedicated to the Princess Doe
case in the first edition of 'Weird New Jersey' (by Mark Sceurman and Mark
Moran.) Pages 238 and 239 were dedicated to the case in the hardcover edition.
The ISBN Number is: 0-7607-3979-X.

There is a new work of fiction related to the Princess Doe case
that was published in 2012. Please visit

Q14: Was Princess Doe found decapitated?
A14: No. There was another case in the area that involved a decapitated body
and sometimes this is confused with the Princess Doe case. The decapitated
victim was later identified as Rosa Delgado and more information about that case
can be found on WebSleuths.

Q15: Is the cemetery thought to be the actual scene of the murder?
A15: No evidence was found to indicate that the actual murder took place there.
However, no other crime scene was associated with the case. Considering the
amount of time that passed and the weather conditions, this is difficult to

Q16: What is the most likely scenario for the case?
A16: This is a tough, yet often asked question. We are constantly trying to
gather new information and try to keep an open mind to all possibilties.

Q17: Has (fill in the lead or suspect) been considered?
A17: Currently, a possible theories page is under development that will identify
popular suggestions and give a status for that particular lead.

Q18: Does the Princess Doe case have anything to do with the "Tiger Lady"?
A18: The "Tiger Lady" (a Bengal Tiger tattoo was found on the calf of the victim)
was found in nearby Knowlton Township in 1991. The cases are not believed to be
related. We have created "A Who Is Tiger Lady" site for this case.

Q19: I would like to donate time/money to the Princess Doe cause. What
can I do?
A19: Currently, is privately funded and will remain that way for
the foreseeable future. The website and all activity relating to the 25th and 30th
Memorial Services were paid for with private funds. Zero tax dollars or other
monetary donations have been accepted to date. There are many "missing
person/children" causes to donate time and money to. One such suggestion is the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Their website can be found
with the following link: Currently, we make no use of pop up ads
or any other type of advertising on this web site.

Q20: Where did the name "Princess Doe" originate?
A20: The original detective on the case, Lt. Eric Kranz from the Blairstown Police
Department, came up with the idea during the original investigation. He did not
want her to be known as another "Jane Doe" and forgotten.

Q21: What forensic evidence is available?
A21: Hair, finger nails, fingerprints, DNA and teeth have all been collected into
evidence. The DNA has been entered into the nationwide CODIS database.

FAQ Last updated on 06/16/2017