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Princess Doe Pictures
The latest computer generated
composite (Care of NCMEC)
The 14k gold necklace worn by the victim (and close up)
The shirt and skirt
worn by the victim
Hand drawn composite
Princess Doe's grave site after the memorial service on July 15, 2007
The head stone at the grave site reads.
"Princess Doe - Missing From Home
Dead Among Strangers
Remembered By All
Born ? - Found July 15, 1982"
A view of the Cedar Ridge Cemetery in August 2006
Retired Blairststown Police Lt. Eric Kranz speaking at the memorial
service on July 15, 2007.
Eric Kranz along with Warren County Prosecutor Thomas S. Ferguson
and Lt. Detective Stephen Speirs at the memorial on July 15, 2007
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additional pictures
The latest CT based composite creating in July,
2012 by the NCMEC.